We want to know you and give your career meaning


Edgar Winter

As Taudata, we offer you a wealth of experience and a proven-track record. We will chat to you around your experience, education, personal skills and personality we will  place you in an organisation that not only rewards you for your efforts, but also gives meaning to your career.

You’ll thank us later.

What to expect from us:

  • When we are working on a position we will consider only roles for you that we believe will offer you what you are looking for;
  • If you are shortlisted we will discuss the company and job description with you immediately;
  • We will then format your cv to best align it with the role and  submit your CV to our client in the professional Taudata format;
  • If you are shortlisted by our client, we will arrange interviews and assessments on your behalf;
  • Before your interview, we will meet with you to help you prepare;
  • If you are shortlisted for the position, we will maintain contact with you and keep you in the loop. If however, you do not hear from us, please bear in mind that in our industry, no news is exactly that, no news!
  • All of our job listings are kept up to date on our website. In addition, we also advertise on:

What we expect from you:

  • Please disclose everything of importance. We treat all personal details discreetly and confidentially, but it is in your best interest to disclose everything and anything you think we should know about. Skeletons in your closet could affect your application. Share those skeletons with us;
  • Keep those communication channels open. Please get back to us if we leave a message or send you an e-mail. We undertake to do the same. We want to assist you with your career; you need to communicate with us for that to happen;
  • Keep a list of the companies you have sent your CV to. This eliminates the risk of more than one agency submitting your CV to the same company, which could embarrass us all;
  • Be patient. Remember that this process does not always happen overnight, it can but not always, but it is well worth the wait;
  • Enjoy the ride. Regardless of the outcome, it will always be a learning experience and it will get easier;
  • Send us a thank you letter . . . when you’re CEO of the company. We love what we do and, more than anything, we love to see our candidates succeed.
  • Finally, please talk to us about your experiences, concerns and expectations!